We deliver high quality services in networking solutions such as fiber optic transmission, Ethernet and security solutions. Our experienced technical wing designs & commissions low correct systems according to the specific needs of our clients. We will concentrate on quality and cost management by choosing the right products to fulfil the clients complex requirements.

We strongly believe that maintenance of the products is as important as commissioning. So we have great team to take care of the maintenance as well as the troubleshooting. CyberLink IT Services is founded by a group of professionals who has been operating in low current systems for the last 10 years. Our team have gone through real time issues and situations in the field for all these years.

Hence we focus on quality of our services we will be providing by taking care of all the possible issues right from the beginning. We provide clients with a first class service and continue to develop our capabilities in terms of geographical reach, design and service portfolio including the next generation of networking and optical communication technologies.


Structured Cabling

Cyberlink It Services specialise in the design, installation & management of structured cabling solutions in all types of environment from offices, industrial, education & public authorities. With the ever increasing need for high bandwidth & security, our services also include installation, termination and testing of fibre optic cabling. We have long standing partnerships with the major cable manufactures and are always on the forefront of advancing technology, such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and fibre.


IP CCTV provides many benefits over traditional analogue technology by utilising the existing /new network infrastructure. Traditional analogue CCTV require many cables for each camera such as coaxial, power and camera control whereas here you would only require one single network cable to achieve all these requirements. This gives phenomenal flexibility for camera location, less time required for installation and disruption to the workplace. Also the quality of image/definition is improved greatly with IP cameras.

Wifi & LAN

Using the latest advances in technology, wireless surveys are conducted to confirm the coverage & signal strength of the network & determine the exact location of the access ports prior to installation. Cyberlink IT Services have extensive experience in the installation & management of the power, cabling, containment & access point requirements of a wireless network. On completion of a deployment, we will deliver a comprehensive coverage test to ensure the wireless network has the signal strength & resilience.



We enjoy an excellent relationship with clients and are always looking for new ways to add value to relationships and continue to innovate and offer comprehensive services to meet your organisation’s needs. Our goal is to reduce clients’ costs and streamline project delivery. We are always looking for new services to offer and enjoy the challenge of any new problems to solve for our clients. Cyberlink IT Services offer structured cabling infrastructure, fully qualified electrical services as well as audio visual design and installation. All our services can be backed by our Maintenance and service agreements.


Cyberlink IT Services' client profile, both public and private, spans a broad range of sectors including:

  • Residential
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Transport & education
  • IT companies

Cyberlink IT Services works closely with management and employees whilst always observing ethical codes of confidentiality and professionalism.


Cyberlink IT Services company designs as well as installs a state-of-the-art communications system that help businesses meet the challenges of today's complex marketplace. Our dedicated teams of reliable and highly trained technicians deliver even the most challenging projects on time and within budget, while adhering to the strictest industry and professional standards. Whether it's your first communications network, expanding into new facilities or need long-term support, we provide the full-service approach and technical expertise you need to build your business.


Cyberlink IT Services values the quality of all our installations and services. We believe that a high quality installation is our number 1 obligation to our clients and customers. We values the personal and team growth of our employees. Technology evolves continuously and it is our companies responsibility to keep up with it. We are always learning new systems, new processes and new techniques to bring the most up-to-date cabling technologies to our customers. Cross-Training among our team members is an ongoing process, and is an integral component in maintaining a leading edge.

About Cyberlink IT Services

CyberLink IT Services is founded by a group of professionals who has been operating in low current systems for the last 10 years. We deliver high quality services in networking solutions such as fiber optic transmission, Ethernet and security solutions.

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