WiFi & LAN Solutions

CAs the way people use technology changes, the wireless LAN (WLAN) is becoming critical. The explosion of tablets and laptops is causing a huge drain on wireless networks. A lot of people who use tablets don’t use a SIM card or work off a 3G / 4G network, they rely on using WiFi to make it happen. The end user doesn’t care how it works, they just want it to happen and be able to get connectivity on their devices to be able to use the tools and applications they need.

Benefits include:

Flexible working – people can access the network from meeting rooms, desks or even the office canteen.
Time saved managing and maintaining the network – we’ll do it all for you.
Increased productivity – people will get fast access to the tools and applications they need and can quickly and easily share documents to help improve collaboration.
Customers and guests – you can overlay guest access to allow people coming to your premises connectivity

Our Services

•  Consultancy
•  Installation & Commissioning
•  Engineering & designs
•  Operator Training
•  Evaluation Surveys
•  Sales service
•  Upgrade surveys
•  Maintenance contracts

About Cyberlink IT Services

CyberLink IT Services is founded by a group of professionals who has been operating in low current systems for the last 10 years. We deliver high quality services in networking solutions such as fiber optic transmission, Ethernet and security solutions.

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